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Modern Western Thought :: essays research papers

Present day Western however has been formed by accentuation on logical reasoning and thinking from the hour of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. The logical upset brought forth another period of thought, in which perceptions were made to help a thought. This included what man could demonstrate through sense, not religion or odd notion. Striking old Greek students of history, logicians and researchers, for example, Thucydides, Socrates, Aristotle, and Hippocrates, set out the seeds of present day Western idea.      An old Greek essayist who showed present day logical objectivity was Thucydides. After some time, this sort of logical objectivity has become a significant instrument of current Western idea. The distinctiveness and detail of Thucydides’ depiction of the impacts of the plague is striking. A specialist today would be exceptionally intrigued by the exactness and itemized portrayal of the plague: â€Å"Externally the body was not hot to the touch, nor was there any whiteness: the skin was somewhat rosy and angry, breaking out into little pustules and ulcers.† This exact depiction of the plague would be equivalent to any portrayal composed today. The logical objectivity exhibited by the antiquated Greeks impacted our clinical, and non-clinical, depiction today.      Many antiquated Greeks, for example, Socrates utilized rationale, another priceless instrument of present day Western idea. Socrates, by posing straightforward inquiries, had the option to draw answers from individuals that upheld his contention. By considering an issue, bit by bit, Socrates had the option to figure answers to an issue or question. This set out the establishment for current rationale. â€Å"Not by any means, my dear Agathon. It is truth that you discover difficult to withstand; there will never be the smallest trouble in withstanding Socrates.† This shows Socrates just considered himself to be a manual for rationale.      Aristotle, one of the absolute first researchers, utilized proof to help his cases. Today, any contention caused must to be upheld by proof. Any contention not bolstered by proof isn't acknowledged as actuality. Aristotle’s utilization of proof made his contentions solid and persuading, regardless of whether he was very off-base. At the point when Aristotle composes â€Å"Again, if the earth in general is equipped for drifting upon water, that must clearly be the situation with any piece of it. However, perception shows this isn't the situation. Any bit of earth goes to the base, the speedier the bigger it is† he can demonstrate his point by the utilization of proof. The technique where Aristotle upheld his contentions is continually utilized today as it shows that the point one is contending is valid. Current Western Thought :: papers research papers Current Western however has been molded by accentuation on logical reasoning and thinking from the hour of Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. The logical upset brought forth another time of thought, in which perceptions were made to help a thought. This included what man could demonstrate through sense, not religion or odd notion. Striking old Greek history specialists, logicians and researchers, for example, Thucydides, Socrates, Aristotle, and Hippocrates, set out the seeds of current Western idea.      An old Greek author who showed present day logical objectivity was Thucydides. After some time, this sort of logical objectivity has become an important instrument of current Western idea. The distinctiveness and detail of Thucydides’ portrayal of the impacts of the plague is striking. A specialist today would be extremely dazzled by the exactness and point by point depiction of the plague: â€Å"Externally the body was not hot to the touch, nor was there any whiteness: the skin was fairly ruddy and angry, breaking out into little pustules and ulcers.† This exact portrayal of the plague would be equivalent to any depiction composed today. The logical objectivity exhibited by the old Greeks impacted our clinical, and non-clinical, portrayal today.      Many antiquated Greeks, for example, Socrates utilized rationale, another important device of present day Western idea. Socrates, by posing basic inquiries, had the option to draw answers from individuals that bolstered his contention. By considering an issue, bit by bit, Socrates had the option to figure answers to an issue or question. This set out the establishment for present day rationale. â€Å"Not by any stretch of the imagination, my dear Agathon. It is truth that you discover difficult to withstand; there will never be the smallest trouble in withstanding Socrates.† This shows Socrates simply considered himself to be a manual for rationale.      Aristotle, one of the absolute first researchers, utilized proof to help his cases. Today, any contention caused must to be upheld by proof. Any contention not bolstered by proof isn't acknowledged as certainty. Aristotle’s utilization of proof made his contentions solid and persuading, regardless of whether he was very off-base. At the point when Aristotle composes â€Å"Again, if the earth in general is fit for gliding upon water, that must clearly be the situation with any piece of it. Be that as it may, perception shows this isn't the situation. Any bit of earth goes to the base, the snappier the bigger it is† he can demonstrate his point by the utilization of proof. The strategy wherein Aristotle bolstered his contentions is continually utilized today as it shows that the point one is contending is valid.

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Contingent Workers Overused & Underpaid

Unexpected Workers Being Overworked and Underpaid â€Å"Inside Amazon’s Warehouse†Ã¢â‚¬Morning Call 09/17/11 I discovered this article especially fascinating in light of the fact that it is neighborhood and it shows the wealth of transitory laborers in this activity market and how they are eager to be blessed to receive keep a vocation and have pay regardless of whether it is just $11-$12 60 minutes. Trustworthiness Staffing Solutions is the organization that enlists brief specialists for the Amazon distribution center in Breinigsville, PA. These brief representatives are told by ISS that in the event that they try sincerely while in this position they might be employed into stable situations however this seldom happened.The impermanent positions would end following various hours and afterward they can re-go after these equivalent jobs inside a couple of months. The truth was that a considerable lot of these impermanent laborers never got offered or â€Å"promoted† to a stable situation however. This is supposed to be the future for some organizations in that they enlist more brief staff than perpetual on the grounds that they don't expect benefits and will work for lower pay. Distribution center positions, for example, this are popularity both truly and intellectually. Related article: Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Workers in MalaysiaMany of these laborers were pushed increasingly hard until they got harmed or truly couldn't finish the obligations of the activity any longer. With them being impermanent laborers they would simply be given up and afterward another brief specialist would be doled out to this equivalent position. It is a perfect world for Amazon since they generally have new blood in the distribution center. This was taken from the article and features a considerable lot of the key focuses I had quite recently referenced, â€Å"The circumstance features how organizations like Amazon can use their critical influence over specialists in the somber activity showcase, work specialists say.Large organizations, for example, Amazon can limit costs for advantages and raises by depending on impermanent laborers as opposed to having a bigger perpetual workforce, those specialists state. † The treatment of all specialists was fea tured in the article with meetings of more than 20 present or past workers of Amazon. These positions were truly requesting and individuals couldn't stay aware of the expanding requests that were passed on by the company.They discussion of the warmth file in the late spring in the distribution center would reach more than 100 degrees and they would have ambulances holding up outside the structure to help individuals. On the off chance that a brief specialist turned out to be sick or couldn’t truly carry out the responsibility any longer their task would be ended and they would no longer have an occupation. This made dread among the impermanent staff and the greater part of them pushed through the torment and kept working with the goal that they could keep the activity since it was salary regardless of whether it was just $11-$12 60 minutes. http://www. mcall. com/news/neighborhood/mc-allentown-amazon-grievances 20110917,0,1246510. story

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Steel Pan History free essay sample

From the palm tree loaded sea shores of the Caribbean a comes a notable instrument whose particular tune has for quite a long time been normal for the British West Indies, the afro-Caribbean culture and the island lifestyle. In spite of the fact that its extraordinary song can be found all through the islands, numerous westerners might be astonished to realize that this instrument doesn't originate from the well known islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica nor Barbados yet from the little island of Trinidad Tobago. In spite of the fact that this instrument is moderately new on the worldwide music scene, showing up as later as the 1940’s it is no uncertainty that in its short life it has had an outstanding effect in Trinidad, the Caribbean and the world. Dissimilar to numerous instruments the term â€Å"steel pan† has various implications and may allude to a solitary instrument, symphonic course of action or group of instruments. The steel pan’s culture and custom resembles that of some other instrument in that the world’s point of view of it depends on a mix of its history, specialists, collection, and execution setting. We will compose a custom exposition test on Steel Pan History or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Trinidad Tobago are a couple of twin islands in the southern Caribbean Sea. In spite of the fact that they are topographically viewed as a feature of the Americas, because of their closeness to South America and Venezuela specifically, of which they are 6. 8 miles away (at their nearest point), Trinidad has shared and ingested a lot of its way of life from its indigenous occupants, pioneer history, and the individuals who came to take a shot at the ranches. Trinidad was found in 1492 by the Spanish traveler Columbus, on his first journey to the Americas. In the same way as other of its neighbors, however it started as a Spanish state through wars, acquisitions, settlements and differed displacement it has changed hands commonly bringing about massive social assorted variety. This long queue of frontier aces started with Spain, who in 1532 designated its first senator to direct its new securing. Extremely not long after its job as a work settlement was set, its essential wellspring of work, the indigenous populace immediately annihilated through hard work, infection and relocation. So as to determine this work shortfall and increment populace the Spanish government welcomed the French to settle in Trinidad and they accompanied their slaves, property and conventions of their own. They saw the chance to move to Trinidad as a gift. †(â€Å"Emancipation Day†, 7), as grower in Martinique, Guadeloupe and other French regions expected that the revolt in Haiti could occur in the other French islands, thus they got apprehensive. â€Å"In February 1797, during the wars of the French Revolution, Trinidad ceded to a British power, and in 1802, after the Treaty of Amiens; it was officially surrendered to Great Britain. (â€Å"Colonial rule, 1). It was Britian’s decide that lead to: the opportunity of the slaves in 1853. Trinidad turning into a freed piece of the Commonwealth in 1962 and a sovereign Republic in 1976. Despite the fact that the British formed the political, monetary and social part of Trinidad, it was the French impact that brought Trinid ad one of its most notable pseudo-strict festivals, Mardi-Gras or Carnival. This festival would assume a significant job in the social improvement of the country and the development of the steel container. At the point when the liberated slaves (subjugation was abrogated in the West Indies in 1834) participated in the celebrations, they couldn't manage the cost of the ordinary instruments, so they utilized African drums, the instruments of their predecessors, at that point made percussion groups made up of bamboo joints cut from the bamboo plant. † (Pan a short history,1) Due to the way that a large number of the ranch proprietor were truant, it was these (previous) slaves from the â€Å"Yoruba, Hausa, Congo, Ibo, Rada, Mandingo, Kromanti (Koromantyn) and Temne† (â€Å"Emancipation Day†, 7) conventions that turned into the organizers of this country and the trend-setters of this new instrument. To an ethnomusicologist the roots of the steel dish, as a percussion instrument will not shock anyone as ringers clatters and drums have been utilized in African social orders for correspondence, diversion and love from as ahead of schedule as â€Å"6000 B. C In Trinidad and Tobago African drums were utilized in places of worship, ensembles, moves and celebrations. There are various sorts of drums, for example, the bougarabou, djembe, dun and talking drum. † (â€Å"Emancipation Day†, 8) In 1884 the pounding of skin drums was disallowed in Trinidad as it was utilized as a technique for precise correspondence among slaves. This, essentially constrained the captives to turn out to be increasingly inventive in there techniques for correspondence, in the long run prompting the beating of empty bamboo stick and the tamboo-bamboo. The tamboo-bamboo are huge empty bits of bamboo of shifting sizes that are utilized to make tunes of fluctuating sounds. After the liberation of the slaves, the tamboo-bamboo advanced from a fundamental strategy for correspondence to an elective type of diversion with going with, tunes, moving and festivities. It was this progression to multi-tonal percussion that was perhaps the biggest movement towards the steel container as today is known. Tamboo-bamboo groups were frequently joined by â€Å"non-customary instruments like as scrap metal, metal compartments, graters and dustbins† (Pan a short history,1). By the 1930’s these turned into the prevailing part of Tamboo-bamboo groups. As metal turned out to be all the more promptly accessible it bit by bit supplanted bamboo. Metal playing performers in these groups understood that raised segments of the instrument would in general make unexpected sounds in comparison to level areas of the instrument. During the World War II years there was a developing interest for oil and due to Trinidad’s huge oil stores, overabundance and disposed of oil and synthetic drums were copious. Through experimentation, karma and industriousness by the jobless and oppressed youth came â€Å"the birth of steel skillet, the main melodic innovation of the twentieth century. †( Pan a short history,1). It was found that by striking segments of the skillet that had been distorted by warmth and hammer that one could accomplish an assortment of tones. As indicated by convention, a youngster from Laventille, one of the most destitution stricken zones was the first. Container be that as it may; as a thing was not developed by any individual. It developed and there are various individuals, including myself, who best in class it through specific phases of that advancement. (Elliott, 200) Some of these craftsmen incorporate ‘â€Å"Winston ‘Spree’ Simon is credited with making the main ‘melody pan’†¦ Ellie Mannette is attributed with being the first to wrap the playing sticks with elastic which mollified the assault and delivered an increasingl y refined tone (presently called the mallet) Anthony Williams is credited with developing the ‘spider web pan’ which was planned in a pattern of fourths and fifths. )† ( Pan a short history,2)â€Å"Today they are made utilizing void oil drums that are sliced to changing profundities relying upon their job in the symphony (bass, cello, guitar, ping-pong). The surface is then sunk around two inches and carefully seamed with a punch and mallet. A struck segment will resonate comparative with its size and profundity. The drum face is then presented quickly to fire and splashed with water or oil, which has the impact of retempering the steel and further protecting the notes. † (Sewell,1) In current occasions, steel container doesn't allude to a solitary instrument but instead a group of instruments that when played together in harmonies are alluded to as â€Å"steel band†. Steel skillet performers are called pannists. The voices that create the steel band are high tenor which ranges from D4 to F#6, low tenor which ranges from C4 to E6, twofold second skillet utilizes two dish and ranges from F3 to B5, quadraphonic container utilizes 4 container and has a broad pitch extend, from B2 one octave underneath center C to Bb5, guitar container which ranges from one octave beneath center C, to F#5 one octave above center C, cello dis h which utilizes a mix of 3 container. One dish subsequently contains the notes C, Eb, Gb and An; another container contains C#, E, G and Bb; the third skillet contains B, D, F and Ab, and the four dish bass which range is from G2, two octaves and a fourth underneath center C, to D4 above center C. The motor room as it has come to be known is a different arrangement of different non-customary percussion instruments. In spite of the fact that its foundations are as a strategy for correspondence for the slaves, the craft of melodic percussion in Trinidad has bit by bit become one of the most focal and significant part of the diversion and social scene on the island. Scene and Carnival are the best instances of the setting of steel skillet execution in the West Indies. â€Å"In 1963, the legislature of Trinidad and Tobago related to the National Association of Trinidad and Tobago Steel bandsmen (NATTS) propelled another steel band rivalry called Panorama. ’ (Steel band competition,1) Panorama is a yearly steel band rivalry which comprises of many groups and a large number of artists. In spite of the fact that the arrangements of the groups may change with respect to the performers that take an interest the style, structure and introductions of the band doesn't. Individuals will frequently follow a specific band from year to year and round to adjust like the manner in which individuals may bolster a group during the world cup. The opposition comprises of three rounds fundamental, semi-last and finals. Some world acclaimed steel groups are the desperadoes, North Stars and the Harmonites. Each band plays an aggregate of a 6 minuet presentation, this exhibition is decided on plan, tone, cadence and generally speaking execution, four perspective controlled basically by the arranger. Steel skillet arrangers are amon

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Comparative Analysis of the Autobiography of Malcolm X - Free Essay Example

Malcolm X is regarded as one of the most prominent figures of the civil rights era during the 1950s and 60s. His controversial views challenged the mainstream civil rights movement as he opposed integration as championed by MLK and urged his followers to challenge white aggression by any means necessary. His positive impact, however, cannot be ignored as he raised the self-esteem of black Americans, reconnected them with their African heritage and spread Islamic faith throughout black communities. In the years prior to his assassination, Malcolm X shared his life story to prominent African American author Alex Haley. His journey from Omaha, Nebraska to Boston, Harlem and eventually Mecca is outlined in Haleys Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965). In this essay, I will explore Malcolm Xs autobiography as it is applied to other theoretical models regarding race†namely, W.E.B Duboiss concept of Double Consciousness from his collection of essays Souls of Black Folks (1903) and Omi and Winants theory on Racial Formation from their book Racial Formation in the United States (1986). More specifically, Xs failure to parallel womans rights with black Americans rights necessitates a modern extension to incorporate all minority groups in Duboiss model of Double Consciousness†thus further understanding Black Americans identity struggle. Additionally, Xs description of black oppression at the hands of white America illuminates the absence of white dominated racial oppression a nd a racial hierarchy in Omi and Winants racial formation theory. In extending Duboiss model and adding critical discussion to Omi and Winants theory, can one to better understand the struggle of minority groups in America. I will first explore Xs views towards women in my application of his autobiography to Duboiss double consciousness. Throughout his Autobiography, Malcolm Xs apparent sexist and stereotypical attitude towards women undermines his legitimacy as a civil rights leader as he fails to parallel womans rights to black Americans rights. In the beginning of his autobiography, Xs gender confirming stereotypes towards his parents are viewed. When describing, X comments on his masculine traits of bigness, toughness and strength. He goes on to claim he admires his fathers occupation as a preacher and nationalist. Whereas, when describing his mother, Malcolm X states: My mother at this time seemed to be always working cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning, and fussing over us eight children (86) In these descriptions, Xs views are the traditionally binary image of a mother who cooks and an admirable, masculine father. X further solidifies these binary roles by justifying his fathers physical a buse. In response to his mothers abuse at the hands of his father, X says, An educated woman, I suppose, cant resist the temptation to correct an uneducated man (82). In Xs eyes, his mother education is a threat to a mans sense of manhood and her talking-back permits abuse. By justifying his fathers abuse, X subconsciously contradicts his entire argument about the injustice by white society. He fails to see how his own fathers physical abuse is as detrimental to black society as white Americas continual hatred and discrimination. Another instance of Xs failure to juxtapose womens rights with black Americans rights is his description of his relationship with Laura and the cause for her societal downfall. X initially describes his girlfriend Laura as bright and having a promising future, but goes on to clarify that after their relationship she became an alcoholic, drug addict, and prostitute. The startling fact regarding their relationship comes in Xs inclination that she had sub surface potential (148) to become a prostitute and he wished had known then [what] to look for in Lauras face (148) before dating her. In these descriptions, X comments that Laura, who initially had a promising future, had some internal tendency to become a prostitute and alcoholic. X completely overlooks the societal and economic pressures that women in deprived communities face which causes them to turn to prostitution. Ironically, a majority of the novel is spent analyzing Xs social and economic reasons as to why black men are forced to hustle, pimp and engage in criminal activities but he fails to do the same for women in a similar predicament. This description of Lauras downfall in the autobiography seems to be that racism of the dominating white society turns the black American man into a life of crime, but some internal tendency turns the black American women into prostitution. Xs validation towards his mothers abuse and incorrect implications of Lauras future demonstrate t hat civil rights of minority groups, in Malcolm Xs journey, must be extended to include women. In understanding Xs failure to parallel black rights to womens rights, can a modern extension to Duboiss double consciousness to include other minority and discriminated-against groups be investigated. This extension better allows a critical understanding of the plight of minority groups as they struggle with self-identification in America. The concept of Double Consciousness is first introduced in civil rights activist W.E.B Duboiss collection of essays, Souls of Black Folk (1903). To Dubois, Double consciousness represents the sensation of twoness felt by black Americans as they struggle with their black identity and their identity as seen by the white American majority. From my previous discussion on Xs neglect for woman rights, one can see that Duboiss theory of Double Consciousness can be extended to analyze the identity of women living in a patriarchal society. Like Black Americans oppression at the hands of a white majority, women are oppressed at the hands of a patriarchal society. In his autobiography, Xs mother is oppressed by a patriarchal society where domestic violence is permitted. Additionally, X fails to identify the societal pressures that cause his girlfriend, Laura, to turn to prostitution, yet clearly provides an analysis to why he was forced to hustle in Boston and New York. Xs failure to incorporate a third identity overlooks. In fact, some recent social analysts have extended double consciousness to not only a third identity, but multiple identities to apply to all minority groups. Some examples in recent events could be the immigrant asylum seeker at the US Southern border or transgender students requesting access to gender inclusive school facilities. This multi-consciousness accurately portrays the self-image difficulties of all minority groups in America and a better understanding of race relations can occur. In a similar fashion to my analysis of double consciousness, I will first examine the impact of white oppression and racial hierarchy in Malcolm Xs autobiography, then apply these instances to justify their inclusion in Omi and Winants Racial Formation Theory. In the beginning of his autobiography, X describes the unfortunate predicament of Black Americans: Back when I was growing up, the successful Lansing Negroes were such as waiters and bootblacks. To be a janitor at some downtown store was to be highly respected (8). In Xs community, janitors and waters were considered elite and respected occupations, even though they made minimal wages. This quote comments on a racial hierarchy present in the black community, with the black elite as janitors and the less elite as waters. In a larger scheme, it demonstrates that black Americans were at the bottom of a racial hierarchy. As with be further explored, we soon find out who is at the top. As the autobiography progresses, X describ es his primary school years. In his descriptions, X states that he is vastly more intelligent than his fellow white peers yet, when consulting with his white History teacher about his aspirations to become a lawyer, his teacher responds: A lawyer†thats no realistic goal for a nigger. You need to think about something you can be. Youre good with your hands †making things. Everybody admires your carpentry shop work. Why dont you plan on carpentry? (38). Here, Xs white history teacher dissuades X from pursuing a higher education because of his race and encourages him to instead pursue a more realistic goal as a carpenter. This further exemplifies that black Americans fit into the bottom of the racial hierarchy as carpenters and not at the top as lawyers. Furthermore, this message in coming from his white teacher, represents a larger picture where white authoritative figures (and in general white America) oppress black Americans. A similar instance regarding white America s oppression and evidence for a racial hierarchy is apparent in Xs predicament of taking shelter in a Harlem nightclub: In one sense, we were huddled in there, bonded together in seeking security and warmth and comfort from each other, and we didnt know it. All of us†who might have probed space, or cured cancer, or built industries†were, instead, black victims of the white mans American social system. (93) In this quote X is indirectly referring to his acquaintances such as Sammy the Pimp, whose considerable business skills might have helped him build industries instead of a pimping empire. Similarly, his other acquaintance West Indian Archies could have used his photographic memory and quick math skills to probe space or cure cancer and not in gambling rackets. X concludes with the fact that they are victims of the white mans American social system. This quote explores the racial hierarchy of America as Black Americans are forced to take shelter in a nightclub against the difficult conditions of a Harlem ghetto and could not escape these difficult conditions as they were victims of the white mans social system. Once again, X and his friends are at the bottom of Americas racial hierarchy as they seek shelter in a ghetto and are limited in their prospects of achieving a better life because of the white mans American social system. In a critical analysis of race relations in America, the topic of a racial hierarchy and racial oppression at the hands of white America is an important subject to explore, yet is blatantly absent from widely received Racial Formation Theory. The additional topics of white Americas systematic oppression and racial hierarchy, as outlined in Malcom Xs autobiography, need be included in Omi and Winants Racial Formation Theory to accurately describe racial history and race relations in America. To briefly summarize, Racial Formation Theory was first introduced by Professors of Sociology Michael Omi at UC Berkeley and Howard Winant at UC Santa Barbara. Omi and Winant coauthored Racial Formation Theory in the United States (1986) as a means of dissect and understand racial categories and racial projects throughout America. One pitfall of their theory is that they never address and completely leave out the importance of white Americans, European Americans and white elites in their systematic oppression. They only rarely use the term whites. In their only discussion on the white race, Omi and Winant state: We expect people to act out their apparent racial identities; indeed, we become disoriented when they do not. The black banker harassed by police while walking in casual clothes through his own well-off neighborhood, the Latino or white kid rapping in perfect Afro patois, the unending faux pas committed by whites who assume that the non-white colleagues are less qualified persons hired to fulfill affirmative action guidelines. (59) In another conversation about the white race, Omi and Winant state Whites tend to locate racism in color consciousness and find its absence color-blindness (70). In these very brief discussions, they only address micro-level questions about racial identity and white racial views, but completely leave out white Americas role in perpetuating racial oppression. This counters Xs claim that he was dissuaded from become a lawyer by his white teacher. And also counters the fact that X and his acquaintances were forced to take shelter in a nightclub and not escape the difficult conditions of Harlems ghettos due to white America. Another important topic that is never mentioned in Omi and Winants discussion of racial projects and racial oppression is the racial hierarchy in America. In fact, throughout their entire description of racial formation theory they only use the term hierarchy once and fail to further develop this idea. However, this concept is readily apparent in Xs autobiography in his description of the respected and successful occupations of Lansing Negros. X also refers to a racial hierarchy when he describes potential futures of his acquaintances in Harlem that are shut down at the hands of white America. The idea of a racial hierarchy†with the white man at the top and the black man at the bottom†need be included in an accurate discussion of Racial Formation Theory. Only then can Omi and Winant conceptualize the Black Americans struggle. Without the additional of these two subjects, Racial Formation Theory fails to describe white Americans role in a perpetuating a racialized society and racial hierarchy. A close reading of Xs autobiography demonstrates that Malcolm X failed to incorporate the rights of women in dis description of an oppression culture. The necessary addition of women in Xs autobiography as an extension of Duboiss double consciousness allows a superior understanding of self-image and identity struggles minority groups in America face. Without this extension, not only woman, but all minority groups are ¦ Additionally, Xs autobiography implies a racial hierarchy as realizes the impossibility of being a lawyer, recognizes the wasted potential of his friends in Harlem and comments on the occupational limitations in Lansing. This addition is necessary in accurately understanding a racial hierarchy at the hands of white America.

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The Advantages of Having Good Communication Skill

Communications Reflective Essay Communication is undoubtedly one of the most important skills to hone. Being able to communicate effectively and clearly in your own environment and comfort zone may seem challenging enough, but it increases exponentially in a different culture. Globalization is unavoidable in this day and age, and therefore being able to communicate in the face of cultural diversity is more important than ever. There are two parts of communication that hold true no matter what culture you are in. Verbal and nonverbal communication exists regardless of the surrounding environment. Last summer I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. Obviously the verbal communication was completely different due to†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately the groups are incredibly unevenly divided, as it is two against two hundred. My co-chair and I have been frantically trying to explain the situation and accommodate everyone to ensure a positive atmosphere surrounding the event without severing the relationships and bonds we have with out sisters. Although some understand the situation and are still appreciative of the hard work that we have put in for over a year, others are still upset and we receive emails everyday with questions and concerns that are not always written as appropriately as we would like. The biggest issue that my co-chair and I have been coping is the idea of losing trust amongst our sisters. Although some understand the situation, the few that do not have made it clear they do not appreciate the last minute details, even though logically it was not our fault for the situation. We have not placed blame on anyone but unfortunately others have placed blame on us causing a mix between functional and dysfunctional conflicts within the intergroup conflict. We are sure the event will still be pleasant and everyone will enjoy it, but if I have learned anything from this it is that no matter how much time, effort, and organization a person puts into the planning of an event, something will always go wrong and someone will always be dissatisfied. However, it is important to manage theShow MoreRelatedThe Business Communication Skills That I ll Be Discussing Is Writing Skills904 Words   |  4 PagesThe business communication skill that I’ll be discussing is writing ski lls. The reason that I chose writing skills is because I honestly feel that writing skills are the most important when it comes to everyday life but more in business. Written communication is important for people success in today’s world. Writing has been around since the beginning of people and plays an important role in business. Having good writing skill is important when dealing with business. If the writing quality is poorRead MoreThe Rossman s Creative Model And The Directed Creativity Cycle1485 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst. The fourth step is to come up with some solutions based on the data collected on the third step. The solutions should solve the problem as such the possible solutions should be based on the gathered data. The fifth step is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions. This is going to help you in the future if this is done properly since this step makes sure that the solutions are scrutinized properly. The sixth step is to come up with the idea of what to do so as to be ableRead MoreEssay on ICT and Education1216 Words   |  5 PagesICT has a huge range of functions in education such as; communication, learning tools, administration, information sources and distance learni ng. ICT has therefore had quite an impact on education; for instance, the National Curriculum demands children be taught to use computers early on so as they progress into secondary, further and higher education, they are then adept in utilising applications software. Consequently, ICT is used in virtually all of the subjects that the students are taught, whetherRead MoreThe Importance Of Leadership Training For A Team1419 Words   |  6 Pagesthat will ultimately benefit the organization. And having a successful team requires good leadership. Because of this the importance of good leadership training cannot be ignored. Assisting other workers in assuming leadership assignments is much more valuable when they are properly trained. Also, while the present team leader might be doing fine, you have to remember that there is always an opportunity for growth. Recognizing the advantages that can be beneficial to the organization can helpRead MoreNursing As A Dynamic Career1203 Words à ‚  |  5 Pagesthe further a nurse advances in education, the more advanced their critical thinking skills form. When considering to go into the nursing field, these are all good things to be knowledgeable about. When it comes to the roles, education and licensure of nurses, there are many similarities and differences from being an LPN to being a RN at the ADN and BSN level. There are not many differences in roles when having an ADN and BSN unless leadership plays a role. A LPN differs from a RN quite a bit whenRead MoreThe Role Of Virtual Teams And Challenges1207 Words   |  5 Pagestools for remote and global communication, which help people communicate to each other easier regardless of distance. According to Reiche (2013), as firms incessantly expand their business globally, there are considerable number of workers having to work separately from different locations as well as time zone. Consequently, the virtual team strategy, which is a group of employees working with a great distance from each other, come up in order to allow companies having capability to manage their ownRead MoreEssay Is College Worth It682 Words   |  3 Pagesit will be beneficial for you to read this. When thin king about college you have to think more about what you want out of it rather than what you have to do to get through it. The skills that you get while attending college can be very beneficial to you. Having the critical thinking and advanced communication skills that you acquire in college. Getting a college degree and bringing what you learned to the real world will benefit you in your quest for financial success. It is often said that collegeRead MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Collaboration in the Workplace1417 Words   |  6 PagesAdvantages and Disadvantages of Collaboration in the Workplace Finding new and creative solutions to problems is a challenge in todays business world. In order to stay competitive companies and organizations must produce better products in a shorter amount of time. The development of collaborative teams is becoming a common practice in organizations with growing popularity across the nation and around the world. Collaborative teams can be defined as a group of individuals who have open communicationRead MoreEssay on Analyzing Communication Skills1740 Words   |  7 Pagesbody languages, and posture. Many problems arise because of poor communication among leaders. Self-awareness builds a positive school environment through effective communication skills by sending direct messages, feedback, and what is being communicated nonverbally (Davies, 2001). The four communication skills that will be analyzed are; active listening, assertive communication, rapport communication, and nonverbal communication. The questions in this chart will be used to analyze five schoolRead MoreLeadership Control Mechanism1485 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership Control Mechanism There is a delicate balance between having control in a work setting and creating and maintaining a positive work environment. Control is defined as any process that directs the activities of individuals toward the achievement of goals. Controlling is an essential part of management, however there is a point when there may be too much control or not enough. There are different types of control including bureaucratic, market and clan (Baitman, Snell, 2004). There

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The Economy of Brazil free essay sample

This paper takes a look at the economy of Brazil, its role in the world market and a history of the countrys production and exports. This paper provides an overview of the economic past, present, and future of Brazil, the most economically productive South American country. The author discusses how the government learned from past mistakes, rather than produce very few goods, the country learned to diversify production and utilize its resources successfully. The paper also examines Brazils financial standing internationally, in the world markets, and how its growing population is strengthening the economy. The Federal Republic of Brazil, commonly known as Brazil , is the largest country in South America . It is the fifth most populated country in the world, and still growing quickly. Almost half of that population is under twenty years old. Within its borders are annually flooded lowlands the make for very fertile farming land, highlands that are cover with winding rivers, and the famous Amazon River . We will write a custom essay sample on The Economy of Brazil or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page With all its natural resources, Brazil is the most powerful and productive country, economically, in South America ; Brazil is also quickly growing to be a major player in world markets. Many major countries, including the US and much of Europe , depend on the exports of Brazil . It is for this reason that Brazil s economic future is of much importance. ( Even though the past has been full of instability and volatility, changes have been, and are being, made. Thanks to these changes, the future holds more promise for a stable, normal progression.

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Political Parties and Unfair Elections free essay sample

This party system was the first ‘truly national system’, consisting of the Democrats (followers of Jackson) and Whigs (opponents of Jackson) fairly balanced in most regions (Wilson and DiIulio, Jr. 196). The Civil War split the political parties in several ways. There was a deep difference in opinion between the parties over the issue of slavery and sectionalism. Both parties tried to ‘straddle the issues’ to avoid dividing their followers and losing the election to their rival (Wilson and DiIulio, Jr. 196). But the old parties divided and new ones emerged. As a result of the Civil War the modern Republican Party began as a third party. The Republican Party’s strength lay in the North; Abraham Lincoln did not receive a single electoral vote from a Southern state in 1860. The Democrats in the North divided into War Democrats, who supported the war effort but claimed the Republicans were doing a poor job of leading the Union, and the Peace Democrats, or Copperheads, who opposed the war and were suspected of disloyalty to the Union. We will write a custom essay sample on Political Parties and Unfair Elections or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page To win the election of 1864, the Republicans reorganized themselves as the Union party to attract votes from the War Democrats and nominated War Democrat Andrew Johnson for vice president. When Lincoln was assassinated, Democrat Johnson became president. Following the Civil War, Republicans moved quickly to consolidate their control of the United States government. They quickly added a series of Western states to the Union, states that they expected would remain firm in their support for Republicans. The Republican Party’s pro-business positions played well in the industrial North and Midwest, while the Democrats held the solid South. The large number of immigrants who came to the United States, together with the growing industrial workforce, laid the basis for strong, largely Democratic political machines in New York, Chicago, and other large cities (CliffsNotes. com). So at this point there were basically two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats dominated national politics for the next 20 years. Democratic dominance collapsed in the 1960s in response to the Vietnam War. There was unprecedented rioting against the principles of the war and Democrats blamed their party for the riots and the rise in unlawful behavior and protests. Due to that fact, support of the Democratic Party sharply declined. From the 1968 election of Richard Nixon to Bill Clintons 1992 victory, only one Democrat attained the White House: Jimmy Carter, whose term spanned 1976 to 1980. The Electoral College is a major factor in sustaining a majority two-party system, but does not necessarily keep elections fair. If the popular vote in a state is very close, the winner gets all of the states electoral votes. This makes it extremely difficult for a third party to win, i. e. the two-party system is reinforced. In many cases the Electoral College system has failed so far as keeping elections fair. Two instances in particular reveal the inadequacy of the Electoral College procedure. An example of a popular third party candidate that was denied any serious validation as a Presidential candidate would be Ross Perot in the 1992 election. Perot garnered almost 20 percent of the popular vote across the country but did not receive a single electoral vote due to the Electoral College rules. This discrepancy between electoral and popular votes has led to many wanting to put an end to the Electoral College system and replace it with popular voting. Another example of the failure of the Electoral College system was exemplified in the 2000 election, when Al Gore was not chosen to be president although he had the popular vote of the country. A systematic conspiracy to heavily manipulate the vote in the critical state of Florida to favor Bush in the 2000 Bush-Gore presidential election ultimately resulted in a Bush victory. The blatant manipulation methods used were enough to swing the election to Bush and away from Gore. The evident fraud in the voting process and the failure of the courts to intervene in a proper and non-partisan manner cost Gore the Presidency. When it became apparent on November 8, 2000 that neither Gore nor Bush had the majority of the electoral votes required to win the Presidency, the state of Florida became the focus of attention. Both candidates needed a majority in Florida to win the White House, but voting irregularities prevented the final tally from being reached for over five weeks. What voters didn’t realize was that the voting procedure wasn’t the only problem in Florida, but that the process to insure George W. Bush’s victory had been in place for over two years before the election. Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George W. Bushs brother, was elected in 1998. He immediately put a plan into action that would help his brother gain the Florida electoral votes in the 2000 election. Gov. Bush let special interest groups know that they expected political donations of $2 for every $1 donated to Democrats or defaulters would lose access to the governor and the legislative leadership, and their businesses would tank. The Governor also began replacing   Ã‚   Democrats throughout Florida state government, his first purge of Democratic voters. Governor Jeb Bush’s next step to eliminate Democratic power in Florida was to appoint staunch Republicans to control Floridas educational system, including state senator Jim Horne as Florida’s first Secretary of Education and most of the individual university presidents. He accomplished this feat by eliminating the Florida Board of Regents. The board was replaced by separate boards of trustees at all ten of the state universities According to Lance deHaven-Smith, in his book entitled The Battle for Florida, â€Å"the governor was given the power to make all the trustee appointments†. This created an enormous source of new patronage and also undermined the political neutrality of the state universities. With the Board of Regents out of the way, Republicans quickly replaced many of the university presidents with political insiders. (deHaven-Smith, 2005) The Florida Republican Party then began a drive to disenfranchise Democratic voters. They paid a private company to purge the voter registry of all ex-felons, even though Florida courts twice ruled that ex-felons whose civil rights had been restored before they came to Florida were entitled to vote. This would benefit the Republicans because blacks made up more than 50% of the ex-felon list and 9 0% of the black Florida population voted Democratic. In 1999, newly-elected Secretary of State Katherine Harris paid Data Base Technologies (DBT) $4. million to compile the most extensive scrub list possible. Race was a big factor in compiling matches for the list. After the election, DBT testified before a congressional committee that Florida officials had ordered them to eliminate voters by making incorrect matches. The information was gathered from the Internet and no verifying telephone calls were made. Five months before the election, Harris (who coincidentally was co-chairing the Bush presidential campaign) sent the list of 57,700 names to all the precincts with instructions to remove those voters from the rolls. Greg Palast revealed the story of the scrub list in The Observer, London, November 26, 2000. The story was ignored by American mainstream press. Palast has since provided irrefutable, hard evidence of fraud. His most recent estimate of qualified Florida voters barred from casting a ballot in Election 2000 stands at 90,000. On January 10, 2001, NAACP lawyers sued and won their case against DBT, Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Bush loyalist Clay Roberts, Director of the Division of Elections. (Palast, 2003)   On Election Day 2000 in the state of Florida, however; Republican voters stood in short ines and used up-to-date equipment. The machinations of the Republican Party paid off in black districts. Highway patrol officers flagged down voters at roadblocks and checked their drivers’ licenses while others waited in long lines to vote on ancient machines. Innocent citizens were turned away and informed that their names appeared on the ex-felons list when they showed up to vote. Republicans found other ways to disenfranchise opposition voters. Two-page ballots with misleading directions were printed in Austin, Texas (the center of the George W. Bush presidential campaign), returned to Florida, and distributed in black districts. Some votes were simply later trashed by ballot handlers. In Duval County, 27,000 ballots were discarded, over half of them from black precincts in Jacksonville. No official challenges were filed within the 72-hour time limit, so thousands of mostly Democratic votes were lost. Sixteen-thousand votes for Gore disappeared overnight from the ongoing Volusia County tally and were reinstated only when an election supervisor questioned the subtraction of already registered votes. No voting machine company representative or election official was able to explain what happened. (Dover, 2002) Around 8 p. m. on Election Day exit polls from Voter News Service projected a Gore victory, but Bev Harris uncovered an CBS news report revealing that the erroneous subtraction of Gores votes in Volusia caused the election to be called for Bush. For several hours the race was too close to call, but shortly after midnight, Bushs numbers plunged rapidly and Gore gained the lead. Despite Gores numbers, at 2:16 a. m. Fox News announced that Texas Governor George W. Bush had won Florida and the other television networks repeated Foxs false information. (Harris, 2004) Gore heard the fake news of his defeat, phoned his congratulations to Bush and was prepared to deliver his concession speech to the nation. At that point, Gores chief advisors in Florida told him it was much too early to concede formally and advised him to hold off since there were still 360,000 uncounted votes. Out of 6 million votes cast in Florida, Bushs lead was reported to be a mere 537 votes. The Florida Constitution had no provisions for a statewide recount, so Gore asked for a partial recount in four southern counties where glaring irregularities had shown up. The last thing the Bush team wanted was a fair recount. They complained to the press that Gore was a sore loser, and the press largely agreed. (Posner, 2001)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  On December 8, the Florida Supreme Court overturned a circuit court decision and ordered a manual recount. Based on findings in the circuit court trial, Gore was awarded 393 votes, reducing Bushs lead to only 154 votes. Thats when the Bush camp went ballistic. (Simon, 2001)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The National Party sent out-of-state operatives to intimidate Republican county clerks to amend over votes in Republican counties, to amend incomplete absentee ballot applications, and to accept late-arriving military ballots lacking signatures. When the recount actually began they became more radical, charged into the county administration building, threatening county canvassers, and halted the recount of Miami-Dade ballots. Despite court orders, eighteen counties never attempted a recount. The Bush campaign team and lawyers circulated misinformation about Floridas election laws, about the reliability of manual recounts (both Jeb and George W. claimed that only machines could count accurately), and about the likelihood of a constitutional crisis. (Zelden, 2010) The Florida Constitution specifies that the intent of the voter be paramount during ballot recounting. Because electronic machines had repeatedly failed to read, discern intent, and count ballots accurately, manual recounting was mandated. The law was actually quite clear and no constitutional crisis was imminent. That did not stop the Bush team from pressing the issue, for they wanted the U. S. Supreme Court to intervene and prevent the recount. Republican leadership called the legislature into special session while the judiciary branch still addressed election issues, an extraordinary move. Speaker of the House Tom Feeney, Jebs bosom political buddy, took the podium and criticized the Florida Supreme Court decisions. He warned that if the dispute continued to December 12, Floridas electoral slate would be excluded from the Electoral College vote. Florida had submitted its election results as they were certified, so the electoral slate was never really in danger. The Bush legal team, determined to delay or stop the recount, appealed to the U. S. District Court of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court, and the U. S. Supreme Court. The justices had no business interfering in the election. The U. S. Constitution authorizes Congress to settle election disputes, not the Supreme Court. The first two courts denied the appeal. Then the U. S. Supreme Court gave them the nod. From that moment, the fix was in. Zelden, 2010) Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas had close relatives working for Republican organizations and should have recused themselves. Antonin Scalia’s son Eugene is a Washington law partner of Theodore B. Olson, the attorney who twice argued before the Supreme Court on behalf of George W. Bush. Scalia’s son John is an attorney with the Miami law firm that represented Bush in Florida. Clarence Thomass wif e, Virginia, worked for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and had been helping to collect applications from people seeking employment in the Bush administration. But they, along with the three other right-wing judges on the court, issued a ruling instructing the Florida courts to find a recount method that would apply equal standards. The decision came down at 10 p. m. on December 12, 2000, two hours before the deadline to submit voting results. In short, the U. S. Supreme Court ran the clock out on American voters and handed Floridas electoral votes and the presidency to George W. Bush. (Thoreau, 2007) Reviewing the actual results of the statewide examination of 175,010 disputed ballots, on November 12, 2001 Robert Parry, www. consortiumnews. om, cleared away the media fog: So Al Gore was the choice of Floridas voters whether one counts hanging chads or dimpled chads. That was the core finding of the eight news organizations that conducted a review of disputed Florida ballots. By any chad measure, Gore won. Gore won even if one doesnt count the 15,000-25,000 votes that USA Today estimated Gore lost because of illegally designed butterfly b allots, or the hundreds of predominantly African-American voters who were falsely identified by the state as felons and turned away from the polls. Gore won even if theres no adjustment for George W. Bushs windfall of about 290 votes from improperly counted military absentee ballots where lax standards were applied to Republican counties and strict standards to Democratic ones, a violation of fairness reported earlier by the Washington Post and the New York Times. Put differently, George W. Bush was not the choice of Floridas voters anymore than he was the choice of the American people who cast a half million more ballots for Gore than Bush nationwide. Although the 2000 election was a travesty, one positive outcome was the renewal in the nation’s interest in The National Popular Vote bill.